Goodbye WordPress...

AD, please don't block.

During last year blogging has fallen down in my list of priorities.

One of my resolutions for this new year is to try to start blogging again with a regular schedule.

Even if I am a huge fan of WordPress, I have to admit that it carries with it a lot of overhead, probably not justified for a blog like my own. So I decided to give a try to jekyll, and damn, it was love at first sight.

Jekyll allows me to work on my blog exactly at the same way I would work on a normal project.

The code as well as the content of my posts are versioned on Github. I use SASS as preprocessor for the stylesheets, and the scripts do just the things I thought were necessary. The build phase is automatized by Grunt. Amazing.

In the past two years WordPress has exalted my laziness, now I am blogging like an hacker.